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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

It's so hot...

...and the courtyard smells like pickles brined in nail polish remover. Yum, eh? I found the culprit of the smell when I went downstairs to the (un-airconditioned!) laundry room to start my long-delayed washloads. One of my smoking neighbors contrived an ashtray of sorts outside their front door. It is actually a milk jug, that happens to have collected a bit of water. Sehr ekelnd!

Well, despite the huge Texas mosquitos that want a bit of me, the view is still rather pretty.

I still can't wait until I can manage to afford a house, though. The thought of my own backyard, landscaping, gardens...*drool*

Speaking of hot - la hermosa Deb suggests nekkid knittin' in this Texas heat. Unfortunately for me, nekkid laundry would seriously offend the neighbors.

Back to the knitting, already!

Yes, despite the heat and the severe lack of clean clothes, I have been knitting a bit. Of course, I cranked down the AC first. Tonight's project: Turning a frog into a mouse. I did indeed frog that cuff I decided I didn't like the color patterning of, and I am making a stuffed mousie or two for a co-worker's cats from it. If they come out well, I want to make a couple from some spare wool for the charity mouse-along -- the one I am making now will have no catnip in it as IIRC S's older cat reacts badly to it.


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