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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Stripe it, Magic Fingers!

Okay - who recognizes the song reference in my title for the day? Winner gets bragging rights, and perhaps a ball of yarn...yes, a ball of yarn: one skein of Lion Brand Polarspun in Polar Purple.

Speaking of Lion Brand, that's what prompted my whimiscal title for today's entry. I stopped by the large Hobby Lobby near my work, but they didn't have any of the new Magic Stripes in yet. The stocklady did say that it was on order, but although she looked through her new yarn boxes for me, she couldn't find it. We DID find lots of Bernat Boa and Eyelash and Hot Socks and...a lot of good stuff. I am eager to try the Bernat Boa to see if it works up like Apart - which I love, but simply cannot afford in the quantities I need for the fur capelet I want to make. Of course, I don't even know how much the Boa is retailing for...

Back to the Magic Stripes: I went to the HL closer to my apartment (which is notoriously bad on stocking yarn, especially new yarns) and they did have a couple balls of Magic Stripes. Exactly two. One was Denim Stripes and the other I can't remember but it was blue/white/brown/gray. Neither was completely to my taste, and I saw that they take size 3 needles for the Lion Brand pattern rather than the 5s I was hoping for. I have plenty of sock yarn in my stash anyway, and only one size 3 circular.

Well, back to work on my secret exchange gift.


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