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Monday, November 24, 2003

Here Comes the Cold

Arrrrgh. And you can quote me, once again. It got cooooooooold yesterday. When I left for church at 6:30 am it was nice and warm. When I left about 11, it was down in the 40s! A cold day yesterday combined with three anniversary services (30th for OSLC and 50th for ULC) has left me with very little voice. Today I am taking it easy with a big bowl of Schlotsky's Cheddar Chicken Tortilla soup and waiting for the knitting group to get here, 'cause I will certainly not be able to make rehearsal.

I did get to see a good friend from out-of-town yesterday, and we went to the BCSM Evening of Giving (and Emmy, if you're reading - she ended up spending money while I only bought a drink from the cafe, so it isn't just you!) - there was a bit of live entertainment and not too much crowd, so we had a good evening of browsing around.

Well, I think it is time to knit (and put my jacket back on - brrr). Ciao!


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