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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Wednesday and yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours (maybe 4 or 5 total, I suppose) knitting the first skein of Cotton Twist for my Criss-Cross tank. The gauge is dead on, but the fabric is just too...loose. The sizing is correct, but when I hold the back piece in progress up to me, you can definitely see the shirt I have on through the knit fabric. I could have stopped when I only had a few rows done, but I stubbornly wanted to see if getting through the first skein would make a difference.

So...since no-one answered my question yesterday about the CT, I'm wondering if I should frog this and re-do it with smaller needles, adjusting the pattern up a size or two to compensate, or if I should save the CT for something else and use, oh, say 2 strands of LusterSheen held together (the LusterSheen is supposed to be the same weight as the Adrienne Vittadini silk originally called for).

Opinions, anyone?


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