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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Not dead yet!

Life is like a Monty Python skit - you never know what's gonna happen next, but you're pretty sure it'll either make you laugh or cry.

So...I've been insanely busy this past week, and then I had to go and pull a muscle or something in my back on Thursday. On the plus side, it's starting to feel a lot better (after 3 days of trying not to do too much and taking pills - ugh). I did get a bit more knitting done - almost finished the hat I started during the Texas Conference for Women last Tuesday (no, I didn't knit DURING the seminars, although I wanted to during one of them) and my Hallowig is also coming along towards the completion point. The capelet is just under halfway done, and I also need to get back to Grandma's vest.

Right now I need to get back to work, so ciao!


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