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Monday, December 19, 2005

Brownie points (and maybe a prize)...

...if you can guess the title AND artist of the song I parodied this from:

"Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the Trans-Siberian OR-CHES-TRA!!!"

Leave a comment or email with your guess and I'll pick a prize from my stash for the correct guesser. :D In the event no-one wins (or guesses *sniff*) I get to keep the yarn.

Just got back from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert here in Austin (how'd you know?) and I must say that they do a fabulous job. My only complaint was with the venue, not the band: if you pay more to get floor seats, you get folding chairs that are much less than comfortable. Be aware that TSO uses lots of strobes and spots and lasers in the show -- you might have to close your eyes once or twice to escape the brightness -- but the show was just musically and artistically amazing. I wish I could have brought my camera to take a picture to show off some of the effects, but they were prohibited (which didn't stop people from sneaking in the smaller cameras, but I bet their pics aren't clear - especially those silly peeps using the flash).

At any rate, it is a show I highly recommend. A scarf in progress got to go along for the show - and another concert-goer remarked jealously that she wished she'd brought her knitting. :D


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