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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Have a day, already...

Le sigh. I suppose it is time for me to get up and stop moping about the house. Okay, so I am not currently moping -- I moped from the time I got home yesterday to about 4 this morning, at which point my body decided it just couldn't be in bed any longer. I got some housework done, worked from home, walked to the grocery store, and now I think I'm back to moping.

Why the mope? Because my mode of transportation decided it required a major (read: $$$$) repair yesterday. Thankfully, it didn't just die on me - I took it to the repair shop yesterday morning and in the afternoon they called me with the estimate. The ouchtimate. Car repairs for me always seem to come at a really bad time. I just paid several bills early, and I haven't finished shopping for my nieces and nephews for Christmas, and this is going to wipe out my savings and then some.

Ok, self - time to get out of the mope. Here's some things I am thankful for:
- God never gives me more than I can handle, even if it doesn't always feel like it.
- I do still have the money to cover most of the car repair.
- Since I paid several bills early, I don't have to worry about stretching a couple of due dates until my next paycheck.
- In reality, it only wipes out my liquid savings, and I still have other investments to fall back on should another emergency arise.
- I have a fabulous Mom who'll even rescue her 31-year-old daughter in a pinch.
- The car did wait until it had over 150k miles on it for the clutch and related bits to go out, which is about 50k longer than they usually last.
- It didn't just die on the road, costing me more in towing.
- My boss (though he gives me tons of guff about it) is cool with me taking a day off since I have no transportation until the car is ready.
- Several of my co-workers offered me a ride home yesterday, even though none of them lives anywhere near me.

I feel bad about the presents thing, but I do still have other gifts to send the kids, along with donations for the New Life Center. Now I just have to wait for the autoshop to call with that final total.


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