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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can't believe I forgot to mention...

...the good news! I had an appt with my neuro yesterday (after waiting an hour and a half) and he thinks I am doing well enough to not need another follow-up unless I have a really bad flare-up. No surgery, no steroid shots unless I need them, nothing! Well, I am still doing a few more sessions of PT -- I think my back is somewhere around 70% now, enough that I still have bad moments (see Tuesday...), but I haven't had a just miserable day in a while. Come January, I am really going to try to get back into yoga (provided the PT agrees I'm ready), and after next week I'm not doing any more choral work until March so I can concentrate on getting the rest of the way back to normal.

I really like my physical therapist, but she works me something fierce. After a session today, my legs are just a bit wobbly. I thought I'd be okay to run down to SoCo for some quick First Thursday shopping, but I lasted maybe 45 minutes before hopping back into the car to drive home. It gets a little painful if I try to stand too long and right now I'm a little extra achy due to the cold snap, I think. Oh well, not like it is terrible to stay at home with my fuzzy slippers on when it's cold and windy outside. :D



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