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Monday, December 04, 2006

She does exist!

Well, I managed to post almost a post a day in November - not that I was really participating in NaBloPoMo, or that anyone was really counting, I think. :D However, I've really been slacking off in December. It's already the 4th, and nada.

I promise I have been crocheting, although not much knitting has been done. Lately it's mostly work on chemo caps (mostly my own pattern) and dishcloth angels (based on this pattern). I might get a picture of the hats before they get sent off - and for the doubters, only one is kind of big and I might not include that one in the shipment. The only problem with floofy yarns is that they...well...floof too much and the gauge is slightly bigger than you intended. The nice thing about the hats is they are loose enough for a tender head and loose enough to stretch well when hair grows back, but not so loose they fall off or look silly. Generally, anyway - if the person has a very tiny head I apologize in advance. Hm, now that I think on it, I might make a couple extra smaller ones, although I know some of the other ladies are making a few that are more form-fitting, and the ones I've seen so far are very nice indeed. We'll see how much crafting time I come up with before Saturday, which is when I'm mailing off a box. If they don't suit the recipient, she is welcome to redistribute them to others she knows in need of them - I'd rather send too many than not enough. :)



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