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Monday, November 20, 2006

My life, the soundtrack

Snaked from CrochetMe, and passed on to whomever wants to do it. Certain of my friends tell me my inner CD player is on audible all the time, so let's see what it is playing today... I don't have my player charged up, so I shuffled my entire MP3 library -- let's see what comes up.

Here's what you do:

1. Open your music library
2. Set settings to “Shuffle”
3. Press play
4. For each entry, type the song that's playing
5. For new entry, press the next/forward button

opening credits: “Mi dicha lejana” -- Fusion Andina
Nice, international and with a beat -- good music to get started to.

waking up: “And Nature Smiled” -- The Indiana Youth Chorale

first day at school: “It Would Take a Strong, Strong Man” -- Rick Astley

falling in love: “Cuddly Toy” -- The Monkees

breaking up: “Walkin' After Midnight” -- Patsy Cline
Hm, perhaps some of these are out of order...

prom: “20th Century Fox Fanfare” -- Alfred Newman
Hey, it comes on soundtracks, what can I say? Actually, my prom was kind of lame. I felt like the fanfare when I got there, then I left after 30 minutes of utter lameness.

life's okay: “Everybody Wake Up” -- Dave Matthews Band

mental breakdown: “Make It Funky” -- Information Society
Mental breakdown, nothin' - this is the story of my life.

driving: “Destination Unknown” -- Marietta
Okay, now it is starting to get a little spooky. I'm almost afraid to bring up the next song.

flashback: “Shakedown” -- Bob Seger
Perhaps Bob is worthy of a flashback. Flashback to the 80s, at any rate.

getting back together: “Another Night” -- Real McCoy

wedding: “Dance of the Reed Flutes” -- Tchaikovsky
Funnily enough, this comes from a Disney collection, and was used in Fantasia -- and the dancing flowers do bring to mind a wedding party.

birth of child: “I'm Kissing You” -- Des'ree
This is the first time I've listened to this song (lots of stuff from albums I got for one song in my library), but this seems more of a love to lover than love to child song. Pretty, though.

final battle: “Should've Known Better” -- Richard Marx
Oh, just laughing my pants off here.

funeral song: “The Force Field” -- Star Trek, the Motion Picture

end credits: “Relax” -- Frankie Goes to Hollywood

So, this is just too funny. Some of the songs were apropos, some odd, but my life is apparently mostly one big musical version of an 80s flashback. With some classical and avant garde thrown in to keep it interesting. Eclectic, that's me. I'm just surprised no Weird Al or Da Vinci's Notebook or such made it into the mix, or better yet Asylum Street Spankers. Oh yes, I could totally see Guy Forsyth singing my funeral song, even if "Wake and Bake" is totally inappropriate. :D


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