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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Havin' Fun

Well, I finally got my copy of Final Fantasy XII. Yes, there are twelve of them, and I own copies of eleven -- all save FFXI which is an online only version, and which disappointed me. So, here's a quick review after playing for a couple hours.

1. The movement is awkward and difficult to master the camera position, but you're not hunting forever to find a map. I do appreciate that the map does not rotate with you, but because you are behind the main character, you get a little confused and have to continually refer to your small and large map.

2. The graphics are simply stunning. Although there are some limitations on the graphic hardware, the team at Square Enix has truly outdone themselves to push the edge of that ability.

3. The storyline is exceedingly well detailed. Perhaps a little too detailed - I was startled by how fast you get rather far into a plot line that might do better to lighten up in order to keep the suspension of disbelief. It does go to show that the programming team spent a lot of time to keep your attention on the game. As soon as you are released from the beginning story, you can do and go just about anywhere within the confines of that part of the story. The start of the story takes a very long time, which is a little irritating that you can't speed through it a bit faster.

All in all, I give it an 8 of 10 stars. So far, I really like it.


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