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Friday, April 30, 2004


Yippie, hooray - it's FRIDAY! :D

Okay, so it has just been a really long week. A long busy week...and I still have to work today. But, it is FRIDAY and it will be the weekend before you know it.

I stopped in at HCW last night to check out the new Interweave Knits. There are quite a few things in there that I'd like to make. The current Cast On didn't impress me much, though. One of the patterns I would love to do in Knits is the Gibson Girl Pullover, but I think that it would drive me nuts with that pattern - just looking at it, I cannot see where the repeats are. I did, however, pick up yarn to try the Victoria tank - also a lace pattern, but much more visible repeats. I've only ever really done crochet lace before, so I think this would be an enjoyable way to try knitting the patterns for a change.

And what of my current projects? Am I such a dillettante as to forsake my old ones for the new? Well... I am planning on finally finishing the Flirty scarf and the Beatrice socks tonight or tomorrow. They've been sitting at "almost done" for far too long. The last Eros scarf will be a project for working when at rehearsals - it is about 2/3rds the length I want, I think. Fribble2 is nearing completion; I really need to focus on getting the last bit of edging done so I can weave in the ends. Tilt is on hold for the fall, and Pink Flutterby is on hold until I can find the rest of the Cinema. That leaves us with Criss-Cross. Hrm.


Ok, here's the deal. Criss-cross is coming out too big, now. I am going to measure my gauge again before I frog the couple inches I've redone on the back, but when I held it up to myself it was definitely able to go further than the side seams on my current shirt, without stretching. I also don't like the bottom hem (come on, 1 row of 1x1 ribbing? It just flips up!). Someone (sorry, can't remember who) noted that they just frogged it and started over with 5 rows of garter stitch - I think I will either do that or an actual ribbing. In either case, I need to frog what I have, and I'm thinking of setting it aside in favor of Victoria. When I have either Victoria or PF done, then I can pick up Criss-Cross again.

Once I have the finishing done on at least a couple things, I also need to get started on some baby booties and finish the first Debbie Bliss baby sweater I started ages ago (remember - I had to restart over for a larger size: I never frogged the first one so I have it almost done). A couple more people at church are expecting, so I want to have the gifts done in plenty of time.

Oy - gonna be late for work if I don't get a move on - toodles!


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