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Monday, July 26, 2004


I keep finding yarn I forgot I had -- things I was sure I gave away long ago or had used or returned... Even projects I forgot I started.

At any rate, I was going through boxes of my yarn stash to gather items to donate to the church. Tomorrow night is our first official Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting, and I wanted to have some supplies for people to get started with. So far I have one big Rubbermaid bin full, and I know I have more things that I don't have earmarked for certain things that would be good additions to the PSM stash.

Of course, what I am really doing is moving part of my stash from one location to another, but now I have a purpose for the extra yarn, and other people will be helping me to use it - for a good cause, no less.

Tonight, I'm taking the scribble lace shawl with me to rehearsal, to see if I can work through another large chunk of it. I think another 3 or so hours of straight knitting will see the end, but I have to stretch it out to make sure it does meet the length I want. I love the chunky merino I got in Florence! If you're ever there, I highly recommend you stop by Compagnie Filati di Roberto -- it's only a block or two from Il Duomo (and if you want to bring some more back for me, all the better! :).



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