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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lookie what I can do!

drumroll please...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, another FO!!!

Presenting...Pink Flutterby :)

PF is finally finished. I had to check my archives to see when I started this project -- looks like it was all the way back in April 2003. She still needs a bath and a blocking session (and my poor dummy needs a boobjob, from the looks of the pics I took) but she is done. Pretty good for my first completely finished sweater/top ever, no? Yes, there are a few mistakes I made in the pattern, but galloping horses and all that... I actually deliberately did not go back and fix a couple things because it is my first full garment, and because I learned a lot while doing this pattern, even though it is a relatively simple one.

Technical details: Pattern #5 from the Spring 2003 Family Circle Easy Knitting, in Artful Yarns Cinema, color Auntie Em. Done on size 8 Denise Interchangeables, pattern modified to be in the round to the sleeve shaping.

    Things I learned:
  • Just because it looks huge doesn't mean it won't fit. Trust your gauge, not your eyes.
  • Try the thing on where it should fit to make sure you get the torso length right - this is a bit shorter than I'd intended because I kept to the pattern.
  • Never pick a nylon yarn prone to snags. :)
  • Suck it up and do the pattern as written if you've never done a pattern of that type before. Unless there are obvious mistakes, of course - then modify as needed.
  • Ignore your inner "told-you-so" and do it whatever way makes you happy, darn it.
  • Try not to argue with yourself too much.

Heh. I really learned a few more things, but apparently my inner child is arguing with my inner adult as to who was right over what parts of this project. Needless to say, I know it isn't perfect, but it still makes me happy. :D


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