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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Progress and a booboo

I am finally nearing the end on Pink Flutterby -- only about 4 more inches of knitting on the front to go before I can do the finishing. I'd actually hoped to have it done by this past Thursday evening, but I didn't quite get there. I also got practically no knitting done this weekend --- my sister's kids seemed to want to play with their aunt, for some reason. :D Tonight I finally got a chance to sit and knit a few more rows, and I am happy that it is nearer completion.

The booboo? Well, I went to Mom's for the weekend, and noticed this evening that I didn't bring back one of the pattern magazines I went down with. Sadly, it was a magazine that holds the pattern for one of my WIPs - the Victoria tank. Very frustrating. Ah well, I'll get it back eventually.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! Now, back to the grind... :D


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