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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Well, THAT was an adventure!

...my apologies to Wesley, of course.

We had some serious lightning go through here a couple hours ago, and since then I've been troubleshooting my internet connection. After I'd done everything I could think of, still no go even plugged straight into a PC that wasn't even plugged in at storm time, so I called the DSL company.

Turns out I still had it configured for the router. Also appears that the router may be fried, but I needed to get a new one anyway - this one won't "talk" to my wireless card. Oh well, at least it gets me off my tuchus to replace the thing, finally.

The scribble lace stole is coming along, as is a capelet I started yesterday from crochet. Our first Prayer Shawl Ministry session will be this Tuesday, and I'm trying to get as many simple patterns together for the members to choose from. The biggest issue is getting patterns that I don't have to worry about copyright violations via sharing, which means mainly printing out free use patterns from the internet and writing a few of my own. I have got to get more organized.

That's all for now, folks!


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