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Friday, October 29, 2004

Book Report and a Happy Joy Dance

Last week a friend sent me something off my Amazon wishlist for my birthday, unexpectedly -- a book called The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It really was not as religious a book as I had expected (and almot hoped), but it does give one man's opinion as to what life after death may mean - not just a resting place, but a resolution to your life. Many thanks for sending this one, Rachel. :D

In the Happy Joy dance category, I can proudly announce not one finished object, but two! I finally finished my Hallowig last night (it only needed the three-needle bind-off) in time to wear it today...except we're not having a costume contest at work after all. Oh, well, I still get to wear it to the party this weekend. The second FO is the hat I started during the Women's conference last week. It really only needed a few more rounds and the decreases, which I got done last night as well.

Still to finish: Grandma's vest, the blue capelet, and the furry scarf. Only 8 more weeks to Christmas, so I better get on the ball.


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