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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seriously clueless neighbors

I took a long nap yesterday afternoon, so of course I woke up at an unseasonably early hour this morning, and it is a good thing I did. Boy do I have a doozy of an upstairs neighbor this time.

The girl must have flooded her apartment without knowing it (and claims she didn't!) - probably came home drunk (or tired, give her the benefit of the doubt), turned on the shower and passed out. When I got up I noticed someone had their shower on and thought nothing of it. I decided it really was too early to be up and I laid back down with a book. A good while later I noticed that shower was still on, and this time I noticed a dripping sound -- that was a bit too close for comfort. Like rain, but in my apartment. This is not a good sound. Sure enough, I got up and checked and there was a line of drips in my dining room. To add insult to injury, a downpour was coming through the air conditioning unit and a stream was draining into the bathtub. At least that last one was contained. Only one of them threatened stash - so that one had to be dealt with immediately, of course. Thankfully I was alerted to the problem before it had gotten too out of hand (of course, the fact that it had started overflowing into my apartment was already too out of hand) and so it seems to be taken care of - but girlfriend better be cleaning up that water up there. There is a lake outside my front door and a river downstairs from me.

The best part? When I (perhaps foolishly) went up to knock on her door to see if anyone was home to turn off the water, she answers the door in a towel, gasps like I am a serial killer when she opens the door, and then proceeds to babble that this is the first time she's taken a shower longer than 5 minutes and this isn't the first time it has happened to her because these apartment showers are horrible and no the apartment isn't flooded whyever do you ask certainly I would have noticed no there isn't a broken pipe and I am calling maintenance in the morning about the shower...

Sigh. Darlin', I have lived here for a decade, the showers are perfectly fine, and admit it, you flooded the place. Now clean it up and stop dripping water all over my apartment at 4:30 in the morning. Thank you. Oh, and call maintenance NOW so they can help you with your "faulty shower". That's what emergency maintenance is for.


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