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Saturday, August 31, 2002

It's been a good weekend -- I took a day off from work for a long weekend over Labor Day and managed to get Anthony's hat finished. I've also started on his scarf: a tube scarf knit in stockingette. Both the hat and scarf are made using Bernat Camoflauge and the hat is trimmed in Red Heart Soft in black. So far I've got about 5 inches done on the scarf, and I am going to keep going until I run out of yarn. :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

As usual, I had a productive night at choral practice last night. At least, it would have been productive if I didn't have to frog almost the entire hat I was working on... I decided to start on a hat for my eldest nephew (pattern from Red Heart's leaflet 'Gotcha Covered #2') and wasn't paying enough attention to the part where it said back loops only. Ah, well - at least it is a simple pattern, and I only messed up about 15 minutes worth of work. The hat should be finished in the next evening or so provided I get the time to work on it.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Listen to the sound of frogs, singing "Rip it... rip it... rip it..."

I decided I didn't like the look of the ribbon scarf, so I ripped it out and am starting anew, this time on size 11 needles, alternating with a boucle. Of course, I am not certain I like the look of this either, so I may rip it out too and get back to working on something else.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

*Happy joy dance* I finally found a cloak pattern that is as close to what I was looking for as I'll find, I think. The pattern is actually to just below the knees, but I can easily lengthen it. My big concern is that it not be too heavy, so I am looking for a lighter weight yarn (but it has to be a bulky thickness yarn) rather than the wool the pattern calls for. Lion Brand Jiffy meets the lightness and thickness, but I'm told it pills very easily. The search continues. Valencia is a wonderful light ribbon, but not very historically accurate for making a renaissance cloak. I'll have to ponder on this for a while.

The ribbon fashion scarf is coming along nicely -- I now have about 19 inches done. That's about a 1/3rd of the length I was hoping to get to, so it is working up pretty quickly. Last night I also got a couple more rows done on the filet table runner - there are now two out of six letters completed in my pattern. I want to have this finished by Christmas as well, and so far I may be on target.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

This evening I finished the Polarspun scarf - yay!!! Now I only have 3 more to do... LOL!

I also updated my photoalbums with some of my more recent projects. Hopefully this will inspire me to get more of my PIGs finished. :)

Monday, August 19, 2002

Tonight was our second rehearsal for the Austin Civic Chorus and it went well - a bit exhausting, though.

I've been taking my knitting with me to practice, since we have a break in the middle and I usually get there early anyway. Several of the ladies also knit and crochet -- we discussed our current projects and I told them about the group at Hill Country Weavers on Saturdays. A couple of the women are interested in it and will probably go some Saturday!

Well, my voice is tired and my fingers are too, so I am off to bed...

Sunday, August 18, 2002

This Tahki Splash is working up into an interesting pattern -- there isn't a specific color stripe coming out, but a random blend of all the colors in the ribbon. I've gotten 10 inches done so far, but I don't know how long the ball will extend. I am hoping for at least 60 inches worth. Plans for tomoorow include finishing the muppet fur scarf. :)

Sometimes it is relaxing to just sit and knit with other people. Hill Country Weavers lets crafters come and knit, crochet or whatever on Saturday afternoons, so I did that for a couple hours yesterday.

I also picked up a ball of Tahki Splash, in a rainbow colorway. I figure it will make a great thin fashion scarf.

Friday, August 16, 2002

My list of WIMs keeps growing and growing.... LOL! I spent a relaxing couple of hours at the bookstore reading through some knitting and crochet books. I like a lot of the Vogue collections, but they are pricey and don't always include plus size instructions.

I did, however, pick up a copy of the latest Vogue Knitting magazine, which has 3 sweater patterns I love, plus a great pattern for working on Regia socks! I need to finish up these scarves so I can start on those socks... :D

Saturday, August 10, 2002

A mecca for antiques and crafts is almost right outside my backdoor, and I never knew it was there until today. We drove up to Georgetown for Market Days, and found quite a few great buys. Across the street there is also a wonderful antique store called Upstairs Downstairs, where I found (and bout) several old craft magazines, including a couple Workbaskets. More stash! :)

Tonight I also finished a few more inches on the muppet fur scarf, so I have 3 feet total done, and less than a foot to go. ...and of course I got another order for one -- this Polarspun yarn is different, but popular!

Monday, August 05, 2002

Woooooooohoo! I had my audition for Chorus Austin this evening and I did well - I have been accepted as a second soprano in the Austin Civic Chorus! *happy joy dance*

...Oh! and I also got 5 more inches done on the muppet fur - pretty soon that baby will be finished up. Today was a Good Day (tm). :D

Sunday, August 04, 2002

At long last, I have updated my personal webpage - Smil3e's Atelier - and put out links to my photo albums. I've also linked them in the Links area over on the right. Enjoy! :)

TOTORly fabulous! If you want some good background music while you craft, I highly recommend James Lee Stanley, one of my personal faves. Right now I am listening to Traces of the Old Road and getting quite a bit accomplished. Unfortunately, it is time to set the knitting aside and get some work done for my job... Ah, well, real life has to intrude some time I suppose.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Whoops! I just noticed that the links to the pictures in my WIPs and chains list were incorrectly capitalized. You should be able to click on the links now.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Amazingly enough I remembered to charge the batteries for my digital camera, so I got some pics loaded in my WIPs list. Someone wanted to especially see the muppet fur (it is actually Lion Brand's Polarspun) so here is a closeup:

More pictures are forthcoming in my Snapfish album which I will link. I also got a couple more inches done on the muppet fur scarf tonight, and now I am back working on the Harry Potter scarf.

Okily dokily - I've got my WIPs in a list and I am ready to roll! Well, actually this list is not nearly all my WIPs (works in progress for those who were wondering) but it does have the ones I am currently and actively working on. I'll add other projects when I get back to them and hopefully some of these WIPs will get done! :D

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Yay - I am about 1/4th done with the muppet fur scarf. Wouldn't it be crazy if it really were muppet fur? Maybe Lion Brand is holding out on us! Whatever happens to retired muppets, you know? Things to ponder when it is past your bedtime....

I really need to stay out of Hobby Lobby. Oh, who am I kidding? :D

I was wandering through the yarn aisle and finally got to touch some of the new Lion Brand Polarspun yarn. It is a chunky novelty yarn, very soft and some of the colors are rather nice.

The label has this pattern for a Polarspun Scarf, so I thought I'd try it. I am five rows into it so far and it is making a very nice, if fluffy, fabric. If I made it in blue I swear it would look like the Cookie Monster's fur (note to self: Make one for James for Christmas) but I am making it in purple. Maybe that means this will be my Grover scarf! :D

To be honest, the stitches are hard to see at first, but if you go slow until you've established the pattern, you should be alright. I am going to work on this tonight, then go back to the Harry Potter scarf tomorrow.