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Monday, September 30, 2002

How to substitute yarn weights and multiple strands

This is gonna be a lifesaver!!! :)

Just can't stay away from those novelty yarns! Well, to be fair, this was a skein of Fox that I already had...

Fox is a faux fur eyelash yarn that is oh so cuddly soft. I picked up a skein in a yummy crimson a few weeks back and never got around to working it up. When I went down to HCW on Saturday, I decided to start on a novelty scarf using the Fox - after about 3 hours work in garter stitch on size 15 needles, I have the scarf mostly completed! It is 5 foot long already - I want about one more foot before I quit on this one, and there is still yarn to go. The next one of these I make will probably be wider, as I only cast on 10 stitches for this one.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I think my next project needs to be anything but straight garter or stockingette stitch. This tube scarf is taking sooooooooo longgggggggggggg. :D

Of course, I think I only need another foot or so of scarf, and by the time I am done I am sure that I'll be ready to start on something new.

The hat is starting to take shape, but somehow I think I will run out of wool (using Noro 100% wool) before I finish. It is a variegated yarn, though, so getting a 2nd shouldn't affect it too much.

Goal for the week: get more sleep! :D

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Whoosh. I feel so deprived. In the last couple of weeks it has been next to impossible to get a great deal of crafting time in.

Last night at ACC practice I got two rows of my not-so-chunky hat done. I have yet to finish Anthony's scarf.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

I need to get down to HCW more often -- spent an enjoyable couple of hours there yesterday afternoon, and got a pair of slippers done for my friend's birthday.

Well...that is not quite accurate. I got a pair of slippers done, but they tuned out too small so I ended up finishing a second pair last night. The first pair got donated at church this morning. :D

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Yup, the time spent watching football games is definitely a good time to knit. Well, this time I wasn't actually at the game, but watching it on TV. UT kicked the Tarheel's tail!!! Woohoo!!!

I did manage to get almost another foot done on the scarf, so I think it is about 75% done (although I haven't measured it recently). Hopefully I can have it done in the next couple days so that I can get some more projects knocked out.

Friday, September 13, 2002

The frogs are visiting again!

I stopped into Hobby Lobby last night to compare the Homespun with Baby Clouds/Light N Lofty for that Quick Knit Top I am making. Well it turns out that Lion Brand recommends a size 10 needle for the Homespun, but RH recommends a size 15 for the Baby Clouds. This may be why the Quick Knit Top (a RH pattern) I am working on was coiming out way too holey -- the Homespun is actually thinner than the Baby Clouds/Light N Lofty yarn. The thread running through the center of the RH yarn is indeed thicker.

Now I have to figure out something else to do with 3 skeins of Homespun...but for now it is getting dumped back into my stash.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Slowly but surely wins the race... Sometimes it feels as though it will take forever to finish this scarf for my nephew, but I now have about 3 feet done. Only 2 more feet of scarf to go! :)

Monday, September 09, 2002

The tube scarf is just over 2 feet long now, so it is almost halfway done, I think. He's going to be 11 this year, so I don't want it to be toooooooo long, but I think 5 foot of scarf would be good for those Wisconsin winters he has to live through! :)

By the way, high school football games are a great place to take your knitting, if you are sitting with the band boosters. Nice unobstructed view of the game, and no problems with someone dumping their snacks into your yarn.

Friday, September 06, 2002

I love my LYS! Hill Country Weavers has got to be the coolest store I frequent (well, one of, I guess - there are an awful lot of eclectic and exciting stores here :)... Suzanne will now be running a sale on the 1st Thursday of every month. I checked it out last night and she had Noro and Trendsetter-like yarns on sale, so I picked up a neat skein of Noro and one of Fox fur, plus a sock kit that looks fun.

After browsing through the yarns for a while, I headed to the back room and knit for a couple hours with several of the other ladies who frequent the shop. I did manage to complete a few more inches on Anthony's scarf, plus 3 or 4 rows on a Quick Knit Top I started Wednesday night. The top is troublesome -- I have a feeling it may be too small for me, and even if it isn't the fabric is very holey even though it is made with Lion Brand Homespun. I can wear a tank under it but I'll have to find one that color.

Too bad I won't be in town this weekend to go knit with them again. Ah well, there are more Saturdays to come! :)

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Anthony's scarf is coming along well - I think I am about a quarter of the length done. The last couple of evenings I've had looooots of knitting/crocheting time before my choral practices. I realized this weekend that now I have Austin Civic Chorus practice on Mondays, Praisemakers on Tuesdays, and church choir on Wednesdays. Looks like I better always remember to bring my yarn bag along! :)