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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Odd dreams and more

I don't think I slept well last night -- not that I didn't sleep through the night (mostly) for a change, but I think I was very tense through the last dream I had. Not bad tense, just...intense. It was an ordered scavenger hunt (each item held the next clue) held by people I went to school with, and Sammi was my partner. We were only slightly ahead of the other teams by item four and that item required we knit a sweater -- at which point I figured we were home free because Sammi worked that up in no time flat. We somehow got to item 15 but missed item 10, and going back for it allowed other teams to catch up so that on the next to last item, someone was just ahead of us racing for the golf course and I ran to beat them there and win the race. As I said, it was a bit of an odd dream, and I feel almost as though I had been running around for a few hours.

In the "more" section, today is my last physical therapy appointment. It is possible that my PT will recommend additional visits but I doubt it after we talked yesterday - it sounds like she is pleased with my progress and ready to let me graduate. Personally, I'd be just as happy with a few more visits because she has to readjust my SI joint every time, but I guess it's time to find a better chiro for that. In January, back to yoga!

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